HTTPS Works On Chrome But Not Firefox

Firefox receives the request, server responds with a 301 to the https domain, then SSL fails to validate. The end result is a blank screen.

Random Photos #1

Random Photos #1

Whenever I'm out of the daily grind, I take snapshots of things. These are photos...forever unmapped.

Getting Rid of 500K Approved Spam WordPress Comments

An old WordPress blog received more than five hundred thousand comments that were automatically approved, with another ninety thousand waiting for approval. Here's how I cleaned it up without using a plugin.

How to Change Netflix Video & Audio Quality on Browser

I was hesitant to try Netflix, at first, because of the stupidly low quality of service provided by the internet duopoly of PLDT and Globe. This weekend, however, I found some time to try the streaming service, watch a movie and tinker around some settings.