How to Add Facebook Author Tag to Your Blog

Facebook has introduced a way to connect authors to readers through the Author Tag. It’s a simple piece of meta information that links to the author’s Facebook profile or page. This info is in the form of a tag added inside the article page’s <head> section..

Samsung Galaxy S7: Specs, price & availability in the Philippines

Samsung’s flagship line of Galaxy S# phones is usually released in April of the year. As the month draws near, chatters of the S7 is in an all-time high. So much so that there’s even talks of a possible February announcement and March release.

"Redundant Hostnames" on Google Analytics: How I fixed it

While looking at this blog’s stats on Google Analytics, I was greeted with a “Redundant Hostnames” warning, with the following options: Adjust filter, Check again, Ignore and Details. Here's how I fix it.

How to Turn Off Lightsaber Effect on YouTube

I love the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But YouTube’s idea of integrating the lightsaber sound and effect into their web player has become really annoying lately. Here's how to disable it.

Snapshots of the Divine Mercy Shrine in Misamis Oriental

While in CDO for the holidays, the family decided to visit the Divine Mercy Shrine in Misamis, Oriental. It was both to attend a holiday Mass and as a form of thanksgiving for my sister's speedy recovery and father’s 60th birthday.