Camiguin Weekend

November was supposed to be the month that I visit Camiguin again, take tons of photos and gather new info on tourist spots to updated Camiguin Guide. But it was not to be. My sister got sick and the booked flights had to be cancelled.

Migrating to DigitalOcean

Warning: This is not a technical guide. Just a quick note on the decision to migrate all our websites from KnownHost to DigitalOcean.

Music: Yukka by Maaya Sakamoto

Music: Yukka by Maaya Sakamoto

There was a time when I was all about anime and manga. I've grown out of it now; although I watch an episode or two from time-to-time and read the latest chapters of popular manga.

"Page Not Found" when sharing on Facebook? Here's a quick fix.

Facebook runs a URL scraper that visits, gathers and indexes data of pages where the social plugins (like button, comment, etc.) are installed. When someone visits a URL with any of the social plugins, it triggers the Facebook to scrape information of that URL.