HTTPS Works On Chrome But Not Firefox

Firefox receives the request, server responds with a 301 to the https domain, then SSL fails to validate. The end result is a blank screen.

Getting Rid of 500K Approved Spam WordPress Comments

An old WordPress blog received more than five hundred thousand comments that were automatically approved, with another ninety thousand waiting for approval. Here's how I cleaned it up without using a plugin.

How to Add Facebook Author Tag to Your Blog

Facebook has introduced a way to connect authors to readers through the Author Tag. It’s a simple piece of meta information that links to the author’s Facebook profile or page. This info is in the form of a tag added inside the article page’s <head> section..

"Redundant Hostnames" on Google Analytics: How I fixed it

While looking at this blog’s stats on Google Analytics, I was greeted with a “Redundant Hostnames” warning, with the following options: Adjust filter, Check again, Ignore and Details. Here's how I fix it.

Migrating to DigitalOcean

Warning: This is not a technical guide. Just a quick note on the decision to migrate all our websites from KnownHost to DigitalOcean.

Redesigning Island Trotters

As Island Trotters evolves as a travel blog, slowly finding its identity, so should its design. Here's my journey to completely overhauling the layout of the site.