Migrating Island Trotters from WordPress to ModX

Island Trotters is a travel blog we, Issa and I, created to document and highlight our travels. It was hastily built using WordPress.

To make it unique, I built a crappy theme on top of the Genesis framework. After 3 months, we grew tired of the look of the site and proceeded to use a free theme instead. As the vision of how to grow the blog became clearer, the choice of WordPress as the blogging platform became questionable. Not for lack of function but for lack of experience.

We started building websites since 2007, testing different CMS's. We tried WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SilverStripe, Snews, Serendipity and many more. Out of all, ModX stood out because of how it structures the pages.

So when we decided to overhaul Island Trotters, the choice of CMS was very clear.

Migrating the contents to ModX was a breeze as there are only 20+ posts. The redesign took me about 3 days. The look is made of HTML5/CSS3 – simple and straightforward – inspired by the book 501 Must-Take Journeys.

The new Island Trotters:

Island Trotters Homepage Island Trotters Article Page