Learning SASS

After 2 responsive templates and a site redesign, I think, I now have a good grasp how responsive web design works. It's time to venture further into frontend development with SASS.

I've been hearing about SASS and LESS for months now. They're advertised to make workflow and stylesheet maintenance easier. Having never worked with really big projects before, I ignored them. And as much as I would have wanted to dip my feet into these technologies, I didn't have the time. Firstly, I was spending a lot of time trying out responsive web design; secondly, I was trying to learn programming.

Priorities changed when I started working with Zurb's Foundation Framework.

Now that I understand how RWD works, I decided to make a new template using Foundation. After an hour trying to hack my way through its stylesheets, I found out how tedious a work it is. The framework's SASS support is the simpler way. Fortunately, Zurb has a quick tutorial on getting started with SASS.

Note: When installing Ruby on a Windows machine, don't forget to check "Add Ruby Executables to your PATH". The "gem' command won't work, otherwise.