Camiguin Weekend

November was supposed to be the month that I visit Camiguin again, take tons of photos and gather new info on tourist spots to updated Camiguin Guide. But it was not to be. My sister got sick and the booked flights had to be cancelled.

Hacked Paypal Account? Here's what to do.

My Paypal account was hacked. No money was taken from it. Instead, it was used to funnel money from another hacked account to a credit card. I managed to resolve it within 48 hours. Here's what I did.

Cliff Diving in Carnaza Island, Cebu

In less than an hour after we arrived, I was hiking with local kids to a small hill overlooking the the fishing village and the sea that surrounds the island. Not a bad sight.

Getting Better and 2015

2014 ended with me spending 4 days in the hospital and a month recovering from a much-needed surgery. 15 days into the 2015 and I'm starting to feel a lot better. (I still have a month, or so, to full recovery.)

Why Blog?

I created this blog as a personal space, a blank wall I can graffiti on from time-to-time. Somehow, I got lost. It became littered with useless posts and got abandoned.