Hacked Paypal Account? Here's what to do.

My Paypal account was hacked. No money was taken from it. Instead, it was used to funnel money from another hacked account to a credit card. I managed to resolve it within 48 hours. Here's what I did.

Cliff Diving in Carnaza Island, Cebu

In less than an hour after we arrived, I was hiking with local kids to a small hill overlooking the the fishing village and the sea that surrounds the island. Not a bad sight.

Getting Better and 2015

2014 ended with me spending 4 days in the hospital and a month recovering from a much-needed surgery. 15 days into the 2015 and I'm starting to feel a lot better. (I still have a month, or so, to full recovery.)

Why Blog?

I created this blog as a personal space, a blank wall I can graffiti on from time-to-time. Somehow, I got lost. It became littered with useless posts and got abandoned.

Corrupting A Blog

Any blog without a purpose finds itself in deep mess. Here's my quick note on finding a direction, sticking with it and working to excel at it.