Camiguin Weekend

November was supposed to be the month that I visit Camiguin again, take tons of photos and gather new info on tourist spots to update Camiguin Guide. But it was not to be. My sister got sick and the booked flights had to be cancelled.

In a twist of events, we had to fly my sister to CDO to facilitate her recovery. And Issa has a 3-day weekend off...a perfect time to pursue the planned Camiguin trip.

For two whole days, Issa and I, with the guidance of two new family members, tour around the island on a motorbike. It was all just quick stops to top tourist destinations: White Island, Ardent Hot Spring, the Lagoon, Katunggan Park, Sto. NiƱo Cold Spring, Soda Spring, Walkway via Crucis, Old Church Ruins and Tuasan Falls.

We barely spent more than an hour on each stop but the quick and frequent stops made it seem like a full week spent around the island.

And here are some the photos we took.

A day in Alangilan Sagay Camiguin
Just sunny day in Camiguin
What remains of the old church
What remains of the old church...weathered wall, moss and tourist
Katunggan Mangrove Park
Issa walking along the mangroves of Katunggan Park
Camiguin Island
Camiguin baths on the remaining sunlight as night creeps in
Rock in Tuasan Falls
Issa versus ancient volcanic rock
Sunset in Sagay Camiguin
Sagay has some marvelous sunsets - taken in Alangilan.