Cliff Diving in Carnaza Island, Cebu

We just got home from a memorable, overnight stay at Carnaza Island organized by Brennan of Baktin Corporation ( While I gather my thoughts for a story I’ll be posting at Island Trotters, I want to share one of the most exciting things I did on the trip - cliff diving.

In less than an hour after we arrived, I was hiking with local kids to a small hill overlooking the the fishing village and the sea that surrounds the island. Not a bad sight.

Cliff diving in Carnaza

Where the sea batters the hill is an 8-meter drop. And there were two kids jumping off that cliff to the deep clear water. Of course, I’ve got to try it myself...and jump I did. Three jumps were all that I could muster; adrenaline rush kept me gasping for air minutes after the last jump.

Cliff diving in Carnaza Cliff diving in Carnaza Cliff diving in Carnaza

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