Corrupting A Blog

Finally, has found its purpose. The blog started as a pretentious blogging tech guide back in 2011. Pretentious because I thought of myself as an 'experienced' blogger who thought he has the right knowledge to teach people how to battle the technical aspect of blogging (server, cms, etc.). I did have the knowledge but nowhere near what I do now.

In 6 months, I realized the futility of it all and converted it into a personal blog. t has my name on it, let's go personal. A bad decision. I hate sharing personal details so it became no more than an echo blog. Tech news, songs, movies, etc.

Lack of intent has corrupted the blog that bears my name.

Not anymore. It took more than seven years before I found one thing that I love doing: web design. There wasn't a lightbulb moment; rather it was a slow ascent into the world of web design.

What becomes of this blog? A portfolio blog of my works, free themes I created, learnings & discussions on design, tech news and, occasionaly, of life.