Getting Better and 2015

2014 ended with me spending 4 days in the hospital and a month recovering from a much-needed surgery. 15 days into the 2015 and I'm starting to feel a lot better. I still have a month, or so, to full recovery.

To start the year, Issa and I decided to start working again on We built the site almost 3 years ago but our full time jobs got in the way with its development. Now it's just sitting idly, gathering internet dust.

As the site's developer, it's my job to clean it up. Update it to the latest ModX. Remove all unncessary files, extras, chunks, template variables and resources.

Work on a better design. I'm done with the first two; the third task will take some time. It will involve gathering user data (device used, activity, demographics, location, etc.). These information will help me decide on the final look-and-feel of the site.

As the content creator, Issa will be hard at work editing, updating and writing new lessons for the site.

We also have an ambitious project planned. The details haven't been laid out yet but we're sure to launch it before the end of this year.

Meanwhile, my fulltime job will eat a lot of my time this year. We'll be launching the site & app on beta with iterations based on user feedback. At the same time, keeping our YouTube Channel's momentum running. With nine of us working hard on the project, I'm sure we'll succeed.

It looks like 2015 will be one busy year...mostly spent on online projects. God, please don't let me get sick!