Random Photos #2: Siargao

Random Photos #2: Siargao

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Issa and I went to Siargao to experience some of the things that the island offers. It was a short visit of two days but enough to experience some of the island's top destinations.

Here are some photos of the trip. It's the first time I tried taking travel pictures in RAW format. The quality of the shots are disappointing; reinforcing the obvious lesson that photography is hard, even harder when you forget to consider composition.

A Buddha statue stares at the dusk
A Buddha statue stares at the dusk
Issa relaxing in the Pansukian sand while the sun starts to set
I found a small hole in Magpupungko and couldn't help myself but try to fit inside it.
Pansukian island with the few of its visitors
The sun sets
The white beach in Daco is really white and big. Daco means big in Visayan language.
These girls spent a couple of minutes trying to find the perfect angle for a selfie.
Kids taking a break from hours of surfing

It's a shame that our old GoPro Hero 3 died recently. It would have taken some cool surfing shots.