Random Photos #3: Sinulog

Random Photos #3: Sinulog

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Sinulog is Cebu's biggest festival. It's a weekend of heavy traffic, crazy street parties and, of course, the grand Sinulog parade. The parade draws tens of thousands of attendees and the streets of Cebu get filled with a slow-moving ocean of people.

9 years in Cebu and I've only attended four Sinulogs. The first was overwhelming; the others to accompany friends and families. I'm not really into festival. I like my Sundays quiet, slow and shirtless. Last Sunday, however, Issa and I wanted to just take a quick peek. It was like when I first attended. Overwhelming and, actually, fun.

We watched for about 2 hours, taking some photos along the way. Out of 50+ photos, these are the only ones worth showing.

I can only imagine how tiring it is to dance your way through the streets of Cebu City. This and the header image above are of a group from Lanao del Norte.
Face-painting is everywhere. Sometimes it looks cool, sometimes it doesn't. She's eagerly waiting for the Lanao group to start dancing.
Sung-ay (riding on shoulder) is common when you want your kids or shorter partner to see the parade.
I have more shots similar to this, they're just out-of-focus. (I'm not a good shot.)
People watch the parade as she patiently waits for the those ahead of her to move.
An emergency crew awaits nearby. I didn't see anyone faint of exhaustion.