Why Blog?

After dealing with a corrupted blog, a question popped up. What's next?

I created this blog as a personal space, a blank wall I can graffiti on from time-to-time. Somehow, I got lost. It became littered with useless posts and got abandoned. I ended up flushing all the previous posts.

With a new blank wall, I start again. This time, however, things need to be more focused. At the heart of the blog is the need to become a better web designer.

The first step is a personal project to create 12 Free Themes. The first theme, Named, is now available for download and I'm currently working on the second, Unnamed.

The creation of the themes is the culmination of everything that I learned, which I plan on writing about along with tech updates and web trends.

Knowing all posts will be anchored around becoming a better designer makes choosing what to and what not to write about easier.