How to Change Netflix Video & Audio Quality on Browser

I was hesitant to try Netflix, at first, because of the stupidly low quality of service provided by the internet duopoly of PLDT and Globe. This weekend, however, I found some time to try the streaming service, watch a movie and tinker around some settings.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Specs, price & availability in the Philippines

Samsung’s flagship line of Galaxy S# phones is usually released in April of the year. As the month draws near, chatters of the S7 is in an all-time high. So much so that there’s even talks of a possible February announcement and March release.

How to Turn Off Lightsaber Effect on YouTube

I love the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But YouTube’s idea of integrating the lightsaber sound and effect into their web player has become really annoying lately. Here's how to disable it.