Blackberry DTEK50: Specs, price & availability in the Philippines

Blackberry DTEK50: Specs, price & availability in the Philippines

Blackberry's new Android Marshmallow smartphone — the DTEK50 — is cheap and secure. Does it have what it takes to compete in the crowded smartphone market?


After barely succeeding on the Priv, Blackberry releases another Android phone. This time for the mid-price market.

The World's Most Secure Android Smartphone


For more details on the specs, visit the DTEK50's official page.


The DTEK50's launch price is USD 299. In the Philippines, it may be sold for around PHP 15,000. Sellers might put a premium on the phone solely because of the brand. Whether Filipino consumers will take the bait, we'll find out soon. When?


This is a little tricky. There used to be a strong niche market for Blackberry phones in the Philippines. I'm not sure now. If you're looking forward to having this phone, online shops like KimStore and Expansys are far more likely to sell it than mall outlets.

Blackberry has lost its edge. I only remember seeing someone with a Q10 once, the Priv twice. If that's an indication of demand, then we may never see the DTEK50 in local online shops.

I'll keep this post updated. :)