Moto X Play: Specs, price & availability in the Philippines

Now that the Moto G (2015) is available in the Philippines, will the Moto X Play follow? Along wit the announcement of new Moto G are two versions of the iconic Moto X — the flagship Moto X Style and it's lower-speced sibling the Moto X Play.

So what sets the Moto X Play apart? BATTERY. Thanks to its mid-range spec, it's suppose to last you two days of moderate usage. I don't know what moderate usage means but reviews of the handset suggest that it lives up to the promise. Now for a closer look at the specs...

For more details on the phone's specifications, visit the official page.


The Moto X Play is positioned as a budget alternative to the Moto X Style. As such, I'm sure that it will come to the Philippines within the year. If it doesn't, then maybe early 2016.


Using the price of the new Moto G as a benchmark, the Moto X Play 8 GB will be sold for PHP 18,000 while the 32 GB for PHP 22, 000

As long as local carriers don't include it in their handset offerings, I don't see the price going down. Price wars between online retailers may lower it by ~PHP 3000. But only if the Moto G price decreases.

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