How to Change Netflix Video & Audio Quality on Browser

I was hesitant to try Netflix, at first, because of the stupidly low quality of service provided by the internet duopoly of PLDT and Globe. This weekend, however, I found some time to try the streaming service, watch a movie and tinker around some settings.

The discovery of my account’s default playback setting to “Low” wasn’t surprising. I’m on WIFI, through PLDT’s basic DSL plan. I can stream YouTube seamlessly at 480 during peak hours, and 1080 on off-peak. This should be enough to stream movie or tv shows at ~720p. I was right! But finding the option to do this took some time.

Set your account's preferred playback settings

Set your account global playback quality

Whatever option you selected becomes the default of any movie or show that you watch. I prefer Medium as the basic PLDT line can barely keep up with HD playback. On a 23-inch screen, the drop in quality isn't that noticeable if you're watching, at least, 2 meters away.

Going back and forth setting this option can be a pain. Fortunately, there's a way to override it on the actual player.

Overriding Netflix's default playback setting

Dialog box to override Netflix player settings