Nextbit Robin: Specs, price & availability in the Philippines

Nextbit Robin: Specs, price & availability in the Philippines


I tweeted @nextbitsys to find out if there are any plans to bring the phone to the Philippines. Here's what they have to say... [cue : tears of disappointment]

Nextbit is the newest player in the saturated smartphone space. This US-based company is manned by ex-employees of big software and hardware companies (Apple, Google, Amazon, HTC, etc.).

Room to grow.

Robin. A 400-dollar smartphone that aims to showcase what the company envisions as a “smarter smartphone”. Part of this phone’s funding came from a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $1,362,343.

What makes the Nextbit’s Robin smarter? It learns how you use the phone and tailor its functionalities to match your needs. How this works in the real world is an open question.

The phone comes with bold changes on the ergonomics. The fingerprint reader is located on the side, instead of the usual front or back. It also promises an intelligent operating system based of Google’s Android -- the Nextbit OS. There’s also the integration of cloud-based storage solution. Finally, the phone is wholly yours. You’re not tied to a carrier and you can install a custom ROM without voiding a warranty.

Sounds promising? Of course it is. The more options consumers have, the better. Every new feature -- useful or not -- pushes the whole industry from complacency.


Nextbit Robin comes in two colors

Price & Availability

The phone is being sold for $399. Unfortunately, the Philippines is not yet on the list of countries.

I’m also doubtful that it will ever be sold in the country as we’re very picky when it comes to gadgets. The almost PHP 20,000 price tag is a hard sell for a newcomer with only an online presence. Those that can afford that price will obviously go with alternatives from popular brands -- SamSung, LG, HTC, Oppo, Apple, etc.

There’s still a way to those who really want it. You can buy it and proxy US addresses through couriers like LBC Shipping Cart and Johnny Air.