Nexus 6P: Specs, price & availability in the Philippines

I’ve already set my eyes on getting the new Nexus 5X. It’s a choice based solely on my experience with LG phones. But it’s also worth noting how awesome the Nexus 6P seems to be, based on reviews and feedback I read online.

Unveiled last September 2015, Huawei’s Nexus 6P was officially launched in the Philippines less than a month ago. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for people using it. I have yet to meet one. :(


The camera has been previous Nexus’ weakness; the 6P is said to change that. Whether that be true or not is still up for discussion. What I’m sure, though, is that software updates will continually improve the overall performance of the device. And since it’s a Nexus, support for it will last about 2 years.


As of writing, the 32GB version is being sold in Lazada for PHP 27,500. The price of the 64GB variant ranges from PHP 30,000 to PHP 36,500, depending on the color (?). No sign of the 128GB yet. I do see it selling for somewhere around 40K.

Smartphone prices fluctuate a lot but not much for Nexus phones. If I ever choose to buy the 6P, I’ll purchase the 32GB if it ever goes as low as 25K. Beyond that, I may be better off upgrading my old gaming rig.


So far, only Lazada sells the handset and their inventory seems to come from abroad. Kimstore, DBGadgets and other online shops might start stocking this new smartphone within the next 6 months. That is if it gains enough buzz among shoppers.

There are also no words yet if Globe, Smart or Sun will offer the Huawei Nexus 6P to postpaid plan holders.

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