How to Verify Your Paypal Account with BPI My ePrepaid

Having an unverified Paypal account is like having the latest, most powerful smartphone that can't connect to the Internet. You can still use it to call, text, take pictures, etc. but the whole smartphone experience is ruined.

I used an unverified account for almost a year, exclusively for accepting some freelance earnings and paying servers. As much as I wanted to use the earnings on other online shops, I couldn't as most merchants decline unverified accounts.

Credit card holders will find the verification easy. Type in the details, a transaction check and done! For us who don't trust ourselves with credit cards, there are some options:

What is My ePrepaid MasterCard®?

A debit card. :)

How do I get one?

BPI advertizes 100% approval as long as you submit all the requirements.

There are two ways to apply:

1. BPI Express Online

If you have an existing BPI Express Online account like I do, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. "Apply for products and services" > "Prepaid cards"
  3. Fill in the form, select your preferred bank and submit.
  4. Print a copy of the form.

You will be notified when the card is available for pickup. Just bring the printed form along with an ID and processing fee, PHP 500 for GMA and PHP 600 for the rest.

Mine took about 7 banking days.

2. BPI Branch

Drop by your preferred BPI branch and ask to apply for My ePrepaid. Fill in the form, pay the corresponding processing fee and wait for your card to arrive.

Using the My ePrepaid to verify your Paypal account

Before attempting verification, your card must have a balance of, at least, PHP 200. It's also best to enroll the card to your BPI Express Online account. Why? Paypal will 'charge' PHP 150 to your account during the verification process. A code will show up in the card's transaction history. You need this code to complete the verification.

Let's proceed...

  1. Log into your Paypal account.
  2. "My Account" > "Profile" > "Add/Edit Credit Card"
  3. Click the "Add Card" button and enter all the required information.
  4. Upon submission, you will be informed about the PHP 150 transaction and the verification code.
  5. Log into your BPI Express Online account.
  6. Check the card's transaction history and take note of the code. Enter this code on Paypal to complete the process.

If successful, the "Unverified" label will be replaced with "Verified"; along with the lifting of the limits.

What if I don't have a BPI Express Online account?

You can email to ask for a copy of your card's transaction history. You can even state Paypal Verification as the reason. They'll ask you some security questions then provide you with the verification code.

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